Introducing Leo Web

Our early adopters have told us that they love the Leo user experience but just wish that they had more friends on the platform. We've listened and are excited to announce that we’ve created a mobile web view for Leo. Now you can send messages to friends that aren't yet on Leo, they'll simply receive a SMS with a link. With the new Leo update, you can send self destructing messages to anyone in your address book.

address book

It was great fun developing the web interface for Leo. The swipe gestures are handled by hammer.js and the animations are done via CSS. It's exciting to see what's possible with the modern web.

By leveraging the phone’s address book with a web view of the in-app experience, we’re able to expand the platform for our current users, as well as give prospective users a taste of the real native experience. Every startup in the consumer internet space deals with this chicken-and-egg problem of network density. We're excited to see how other startups adopt this strategy to grow their user bases.


We hope you’ll download Leo and try it out. Or just have a friend send you a Leo via SMS!

Jisi Guo is an entrepreneur and designer & developer. If you enjoyed this post, you should follow him on Twitter.

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